Welcome! My name is Bridgett Zehnder. Join me on my Zehnderful Journey of becoming “Holistically Healthy.”

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As human beings, we get to CHOOSE. We get to choose to live the way we want.  We can choose health, happiness and gratitude, or we can choose to make unhealthy choices, ruminate on painful pasts and live in a victim mentality. That is a small example of choices we encounter every moment. We have the beautiful gift of CHOICE, What will you choose?


 OurWedding Ceremony – Performed by Native American Medicine Man Mario Blackwolf, What do a Man and Woman do when they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together? Well, some couples choose to marry, and that is what Dave and I did this last weekend, April 22, 2017, in Sedona, … Continue reading OUR WEDDING DAY-OUR TRAINING GROUND

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